A letter from Tim's parents

Dear All,

Tim’s tragic death has deeply affected many people throughout the world. He had only just begun his journey to know and be part of the wider world outside of music.

Tim was a seeker and a sensitive, shy person who wanted to know the truth, he was interested in the human psyche and to find ways to an inner calm and he reacted to the world's injustices and cared deeply for the planet.

Yet, it was in his music that he expressed himself, honestly and openly and it was the thing that gave him the most joy… the creative process and collaborations with the people he respected for their art and talent made him burst with enthusiasm.

In light of our loss, a loss that is indescribable as parents, but also for Tim’s friends, colleagues in the music industry and millions of Tim’s fans over the world, we felt that we should do something to ensure that Tim’s legacy is used to help, everlasting and in ways that hopefully can make real difference in some important areas.

With that all in mind Anki and I decided to start and devote ourselves to The Tim Bergling Foundation, which is the best we can do to honour our son.

With love,
Klas Bergling and Anki Lidén

About The Tim Bergling Foundation

The Tim Bergling Foundation was created by Klas and Anki Bergling and their family after the death of their son Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii – one of the most acclaimed and beloved producers/performers/songwriters in modern music. Tim’s parents have endowed the foundation with a significant contribution from his estate and will direct proceeds from future Avicii projects and the recent release of the posthumous album ”TIM" (2019) to the foundation.

The Tim Bergling Foundation will advocate for the recognition of suicide as a global health emergency and promote removing the stigma attached to the discussion of mental health issues. It will support science-based organizations that engage in research into the causes and prevention of suicide, particularly for young people.

Additionally, the foundation will support non-profits that address issues for which Tim had a passion, such as climate change, preservation of endangered species, global hunger, and more.

The concert
Avicii Tribute Concert

Tim had plans for his music to be performed together with a large live band, and now we are realizing his dream and giving fans a chance to experience his music in this unique way, with a non profit tribute concert at Friends Arena i Stockholm.

All net proceeds will go to the foundation’s efforts to support organizations which address mental health needs and suicide prevention.


Email: contact@timberglingfoundation.org
Instagram: @timberglingfoundation
Facebook: @timberglingfoundation
Twitter: @aviciicharity

Account Holder: Stiftelsen Tim Bergling Foundation
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Swedish Bankgiro Number: 818-0077
Swedish Swish Number: 123 065 67 44